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The Elections website of the Ministry of Justice contains links to the results of Finnish parliamentary elections. The Election Results webpage links to the Election Information Service of the Ministry of Justice, which includes election results and statistics starting from the 2003 elections. The website provides results at the municipal and electoral district level.

The Elections website of the Statistics Finland contains detailed statistics and data on the results of parliamentary elections from 1983 onwards, as well as statistical data on the recent parliamentary elections.

The websites of the Ministry of Justice and Statistics Finland also provide information on municipal and European Parliamentary elections, as well as presidential elections. The results of parliamentary elections before the 1980s can be found in the printed parliamentary election statistics of the Statistics Finland.

Direct links to the national results of parliamentary elections:

Finnish election results in international databases:

International IDEA: voter turnout per country

The European Election Database of the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) provides information on the election results of European countries from 1990 onwards. The website contains data on the number of people entitled to vote, number of votes cast, and party support by region. However, municipal elections are excluded.

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