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National Election Study 2015 data available

The National Election Study 2015 report was published in July 2016. Data from the study is available from the Finnish Social Science Data Archive for research, teaching and learning purposes (FSD3067 Finnish National Election Study 2015).


Indicators updated

Democracy indicators (available in Finnish) have been updated based on the National Election Study 2015 and other statistical information.


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Election Study Consortium

The national election study consortium is an open co-operative network of academic researchers interested in election research. The consortium plans the collection of election data during the Parliamentary elections, actively uses the collected material in research and teaching, and is responsible for Finland's membership in the relevant international co-operative organisations. The Board is elected for each electoral period in an open consortium meeting. Current (2011–2016) members of the board are: Kimmo Grönlund (chair), Åsa von Schoultz, Sami Borg and Hanna Wass. Thomas Karv works as the secretary. The projects of the consortium have been financed by the Ministry of Justice and academic research funders.

The operations of the consortium centrally support gathering the data required by Finnish democracy indicators. The Finnish Social Science Data Archive is responsible for publishing the democracy indicators, and they are available on a sub-site of this election study portal.

The following researchers participate in the 2015 study:

The 2015 election study is co-ordinated by the Åbo Akademi University. For more information, please contact Kimmo Grönlund <kimmo.gronlund at>.

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