Main Reports of the National Election Studies

Finnish National Election Study 2023

The book title ”Prime Minister Elections in the Age of Political Polarisation” describes the fierce competition among the National Coalition Party, the Finns Party and the Social Democrats vying for victory in the 2023 Finnish Parliamentary Elections and the changes that the Finnish political system has undergone since the 2010s. Since the election winner would assume the leading role in the government negotiations, a situation arose where many engaged in tactical voting. At the same time the Finnish party system has become more polarized, which complicates government negotiations. Even if the parties align closely on socioeconomic issues, different opinions on sociocultural issues, which include, among others, climate change, migration and minority rights, may significantly divide them. This is the main report of a scientific research project financed by the Ministry of Justice. It is based on survey data collected after the 2023 parliamentary elections (8636 enfranchised citizens) by Taloustutkimus Plc. It is the sixth volume of the Finnish National Election Study (FNES). This is an academic research publication. The content is the responsibility of the producers of the information and does not necessarily represent the view of the Ministry of Justice Finland.

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