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National Election Study 2015

The National Election Study 2015 will be published in Pori, July 15, 2016 11:30am. The report is mainly based on the data from the National Election Study 2015 and longitudinal data from previous studies 2003–2011. The editors for the report are Kimmo Grönlund and Hanna Wass. The report is will be available in Finnish and the National Election Study 2015 will be later available from the Finnish Social Science Data Archive for research, teaching and learning purposes.


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The Finnish Election Study Portal contains information on elections, citizens’ political participation and political attitudes in Finland. Core information is provided by democracy indicators which enable monitoring the development and state of Finnish democracy. For the time being, the indicators are available in Finnish only.

The portal provides a single point of access to key election and election research data both for Finnish and foreign users. As the portal is still under development, it currently focuses mainly on parliamentary elections data.

Developing democratic processes, as well as monitoring and evaluating the state of democracy are important goals in Finnish society. This web site has been developed with funding from the Ministry of Justice. The Finnish Social Science Data Archive, the national Election Study Consortium and the Ministry of Justice have all provided information resources for the site. Linked resources have been provided, for instance, by Statistics Finland and the National Audit Office.

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